Crack Abuse
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Crack Abuse

Crack AbuseCrack abuse is considered to be one of the most difficult addictions to break. Crack, also known as crack cocaine is so addictive that the user will usually go to extreme limits to further continue abusing crack, often lying, cheating and stealing from friends and family and committing serious crimes in order to maintain their insatiable need for more crack. When a person uses crack, they experience a short, intense, pleasurable high and will be driven psychologically and physically to continually maintain that high, even in the face of devastating consequences.

Too many people have felt the pain and destruction of crack abuse. Crack abuse causes its victims to commit harmful acts to everything around them in their surrounding area. The result of this unexplainable behavior is the addict abandons his friends, family, and responsibilities leading to emotional pain for everyone, including the crack addict himself.

The crack addict will often say to himself, "I don't want to use crack anymore, but why can't I stop?" Once having tried crack cocaine, an individual will have difficulty predicting or controlling the extent to which he or she will continue to use the drug. The crack addict must have more and more crack to sustain his high and avoid the intense "crash" or depression that follows his binges, resulting in continued crack abuse.

The path of crack aabuse often starts with experimentation. The individual may first try crack out of curiosity, simply because friends were doing it, or in an effort to avoid or erase another problem. At first, the crack seems to make the person feel better, so he continues to use crack again and again.

Crack abuse is attributed in part to its short-lived high which causes the user to want another hit almost immediately. Smoking crack delivers large quantities of cocaine to the lungs which goes directly to the brain in a concentrated form through the bloodstream, producing effects comparable to intravenous injection.

But as the crack abuse progresses, getting and using the crack becomes more and more important and the ability to stop using is compromised. What begins as a voluntary choice turns into a psychological and physical need. The good news is that crack abuse is treatable. Like any other drug abuse problem, crack abuse can be treated and with the proper care and a positive and determined attitude, sobriety can be achieved.

Crack Abuse
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